Success is Sweet around the Globe: Franchise with Dunkin’ Brands International


Dunkin’ Brands is home to two of the world’s most recognised and loved brands in franchising, Dunkin’ Donuts® and Baskin-Robbins®. Headquartered in Canton, MA, USA, we are proud to lead and build brands at the forefront of the Quick Quality segment of the food, beverage and frozen treats industries.

Reasons to Invest

With almost 120 years of combined franchising experience and more than 17,400 points of distribution in nearly 60 countries worldwide, we specialise in supporting our franchisees around the globe with world-class systems, tools, process and resources. Most importantly, our entire Dunkin’ Brands network aims to provide direct support, collaboration and partnership so you and your business can continue on the road to success.

About Us

Founded in 1950, and growing globally since 1970, Dunkin’ Donuts is the world’s number one retailer of hot and iced coffee by the cup, and the largest coffee and baked goods chain.  Dunkin’ Donuts has nearly 10,500 locations in 31 countries with opportunities in new markets for exceptional licensee candidates to grow with us.

We offer our international franchisees a flexible portfolio of concepts with consistent branding to make it easier for our brand to fit everywhere and anywhere, even in non-traditional venues. We want guests to have plenty of places to “enjoy the moment” with our iconic brand and our delicious products.


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Ready to Grow With Us?

Candidate requirements include:

  • Multi-unit Quick Service Restaurant (QSR), retail, and/or foodservice experience
  • Expertise in negotiating highly-preferred real estate in a given market
  • Sufficient capital and financial ability to develop a minimum of 20 restaurants over a set period of time
  • An organizational structure to support, own and operate a network of multiple restaurants across major cities in a large territory or country
  • A long-term, strategic vision for developing Dunkin’ Brands around the world